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Slither.io Mod 0.6.8 through Slither King

Slither.io Mod 0.6.8 Evolved by way of Slither King

As you realize slither.io sport is one among the most standard games in up to date days and there are many slither.io mods being developed by various builders. we have already shared slither king’s slither.io mod in our earlier articles but did you realize that he additionally advanced another slither.io mod? We don’t recognise the precise reason of it then again after trying out the two mods it is easy to tell that previous one was once higher. So permit’s begin to our slither.io mod review.

As the same with the sooner slither.io mod, you’ll use the slither.io bot via pressing the T button whilst enjoying slither.io. in addition this selection activate the prey hunting feature through urgent the P button for your keyboard. this selection permit the slither.io bot to speed up to accumulate the shifting orbs at the map. As you already know these orbs provide more points than the common ones. Once More we’ve the visual debugging and log debugging options which you’ll turn on them by way of clicking the Y and U buttons. it’s going to be just right for you to turn at the visible debugging feature in the event you will allow the slither.io bot to play on behalf of yourself. on this way you’re going to see which actions you bot will do as subsequent or where it objectives to go. you’ll be able to set the collision radius multiplier through pressing the A and S button. A will increase the radius even as S decreases it. you’ll be able to see the multiplier through turning on the visible debugging.


it is going to be just right to press the I and switch at the automobile respawning in order to not care for the rest in case you shall be eradicated by other players. within the event that you just enjoy lagging while enjoying slither.io then you’ll press the O button so as to turn on the cell rendering. in this manner you are going to start the usage of the lowest photographs options. you can accelerate with the distance button or the left button of your mouse whilst you are enjoying in free mode with this slither.io mod. it is imaginable to use the zoom hack in slither.io game with the help of the scroll button of your mouse besides. Whenever things can be messed you’ll at all times reset it through clicking the Z button. as well as to a lot of these features you’ll turn on the defence mode via clicking the D button to your keyboard. while you start the use of this selection the slither.io bot will start to turn round itself. this is enthusiastic about this slither.io mod. We didn’t come with the information that every one of the slither.io skins are available for this slither.io mod given that it is now a deafault function in the mods. do this mod however in the development that you are going to not like it, you’ll be able to take a look at the previous article for the brand new version of this slither.io mod developed by means of the same developer.


T Bot enabled/disabled
U Log debugging
Y Visual debugging
I Computerized Respawning
O Mobile rendering – try this if you enjoy lag
P Hunt prey – Moving food
D Safety mode – bot turns round in a circle
C Enemy avoidance / Collision prevention
Z Reset zoom
Mouse wheel Zoom in/out

How to install user scripts?


Make sure you disable any other slither.io extension and scripts first!

How to install user scripts?

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