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When you talk about amazing multiplayer games the name of is a name that is certain to come to mind. It is not only amazing but interesting too. There are a great number of people who spend a greater part of their time by playing this game. In other words it is just an addiction.

Invention of the game

If you talk about its discovery then the whole credit goes to Steve Howse. He is the person who gave birth to this game. During that time the only mode of promotion was YouTube. So it was given in YouTube and about 47 million people followed it all on a sudden. This is among the recent additions to the series of .io games.

Subject of the game: game screen simple image game screen simple image

There is a snake or a worm in this play that is the main avatar. It consumes the multi-coloured pellets in the game. The more it consumes these pellets the more it grows in size. The players have to simply be in charge of the movement of the creature. If it by chance gets hit with another creature then the player immediately loses the game. Within a small span of time the creature again becomes a pellet that might be devoured by a different snake. This is the way in which the entire game continues.

Acceptance of the game unblocked slowly reached in the top position of the App store sales chart in different parts of the world. It also removed from the top list. Before its invention was widely accepted as the most popular game. Regarding technology it can be said that it mainly uses WebSockets to communicate with the servers. With the game’s popularity of the many software companies approached its inventor. This was really great news for the inventor. Moreover, before long the game has ample followers who followed this game. They became addicted towards this game.


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