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The space key is used to fire the opponent tank and the other keys are used to move the tank in other directions.


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Game Description

Overview of the game TankWars.io

The game TankWars.io is the most addicting games that have been ever built by any company till date. The game can be played by people of every age. This game has been made with the strategy to make every people enjoy the fun and the thrilling experience. The game has also the vision to educate the user about which game to choose and which not.


This game has been incepted in the year 2007 and from that time it has been making a stride around the globe. The TankWars.io play is the first of its kind of game that has allowed many people to enjoy the experience of gaming through a single electronic gadget. This artillery game has combined with the two most big electronic gadget companies to have their presence in the market. Cody Snider has written the game, which was later, transformed into many versions with the advancement of technology. The player if needed can do the configurations of the game manually in the personal computer or desktop or in any other electronic gadgets.

The game at a view

This is among the .io games and it starts with the option of ‘Play’. This button is available in the opening screen of the game. After this the game is going to allow you to move on the levels of the game. In this part you will get the chance to select the number of players. It is up to you to choose the number of players. The game has the environment of a terrain. The player can change the terrain according to the number of players. This terrain can be changed with the options of the terrain that will be provided on the computer screen.

How to play the game

In the TankWars.io unblocked game you have to fight with the player with the use of keyboard. The space key is used to fire the opponent tank and the other keys are used to move the tank in other directions.

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