How to play is Minecraft + Zombie tower guard. Construct your base and shield it against influxes of zombies. Update your base and make it more grounded.

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Game Description is Minecraft + Zombie tower guard. Construct your base and shield it against influxes of zombies. Update your base and make it more grounded. Be watchful, each wave ends up noticeably more grounded and more grounded. How long would you be able to survive and best .io games ?

Gathering with companions to influence a major base (to be cautious however! A bigger number of zombies will bring forth than typical when you’re in a gathering)

Place down your Gold Stash [hotkey 8] to start your base. During the evening, Zombies will generate, so construct quick. Collect Stone and Wood adjacent assets to start building towers.

Ensure you manufacture Gold Mines to begin producing gold (you utilize gold to redesign your towers and additionally purchase things from the shop (B). Work the greatest number of turrets as you can to shield your Gold reserve and mines. Dividers are vital! They will shield your base and keep zombies from assaulting your towers straightforwardly. You will win score as you survive more evenings, and Zombies will just get more grounded and more grounded. Strategy

Construct 8 Gold Mines at the earliest opportunity to augment gold salary. Make a point to utilize the Shop (B) to update your Pickaxe, and also purchasing different weapons to help protect Upgrading dividers is vital – be exceptionally cautious as the Zombies get considerably more grounded later, and may amaze you! Place turrets painstakingly since they all have one of a kind details Control and Tips

  • Movement: W, A, S, D or arrow keys
  • Turn: Mouse
  • Gather/Attack/Build: Left Click
  • Unselect: Esc or Right Click
  • Quick Upgrade: E
  • Quick Sell: T
  • Quick Heal: F
  • Upgrade All: Hold Shift or Alt
  • Cycle Weapons: Q
  • Shop Menu: B, I, or O
  • Party Menu: P
  • Auto Gather/Attack/Build: Space
  • 1: Select Wall
  • 2: Select Door
  • 3: Select Slow Trap
  • 4: Select Arrow Tower
  • 5: Select Cannon Tower
  • 6: Select Melee Tower
  • 7: Select Bomb Tower
  • 8: Select Mage Tower
  • 9: Select Gold Mine
  • 0: Select Harvester
  • Tab: Chat
  • Gold stash can’t be moved, but other buildings can be sold and placed again.
  • Wave count won’t start until the gold stash has been placed: place it when ready.
  • Get somewhere between 5 and 10 k stone and gold before placing gold stash to ensure you won’t run out.
  • You can press space to auto mine. You can get as many resources per swing as spots you hit, so find clustered spots.
  • Death takes away 25% of the resources but not wave difficulty, so be careful while moving around.
  • Don’t design a dispersive base: bigger means more expenses for walls and less focused tower fire.
  • Don’t invest in a double layer wall until late-game, as it will likely waste resources and slow down progress.
  • Towers have different damage and range, place them wisely.
  • Do not include a resource spot inside the base: it will only increase the area to defend and the costs.
  • While some hack may get stuck in resource spots, don’t use those as “base border”: smaller zombies may pass between wall and resource; also towers won’t have target sight.
  • After every 8th level (9th, 17th, 25th…), a boss comes. If you attack the boss with your player, when he dies you’ll get a gold bonus (20~100k! depending on level)
  • If you’re on a team, the whole team gets the bonus but only if all the bosses are hit. If you only hit 3 of 4 you get nothing!
  • Do not rush spending gold into player’s upgrades: a tier IV axe can be enough to max all buildings. Weapons really improve from tier V, but the cost is over 20k gold and it might be better spent elsewhere until end-game. Also later on the gold will generate faster.
  • While using a spear, remember that being in melee range with zombies can be harmful. Bow or bomb may be a better beginner’s choice.
  • Potions can be bought cheaply anytime and used with F key, restoring the whole life even while in combat.
  • If actively fighting zombies, consider investing in a shield tier 1 instead of using potions.
  • After gold mines tier V, timeout can generate a positive income. At tier VIII the bonus gold is 23.6k/timeout.
  • Playing with friendly or semi-friendly people’s bases increases the chances of survival.
  • Consider partying with other players from the start although remember, entering a team will reset the current progresses.
  • Attacking a base with any tool/weapon will draw the towers’ fire, which may be avoided easily by running in circle around that base or moving away.
  • Throwing bombs to a player that is escaping will almost always end with a missed shoot, pick the bow for ranged PvP fights.
  • If escaping, use resource spots as cover from ranged attacks.
  • It is easier to find other players at night, as following zombies will lead to a base.
  • Do not give new party member permission to sell buildings, or they might sell all your buildings.


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