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We talked about the importance of games in our lives. Everyone can enjoy different genre games. But everyone loves some games. Web based games have been like that.

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Everybody loves these games. These games can be played on any device. It can be played with the help of a simple web browser. So people like and prefer these games. We will talk about, one of those games. We will also talk about

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Different Other Games

There were squares in In this game there are hexagons. They are different from this direction. It has the same purpose. In both, we are expected to expand the field. There is also a difference in movement in these two games. There is linear motion in game. In this game, our character makes elliptical movements.


Game Features

There are hexagonal areas in the game. We are asked to expand our own color by taking these areas. The player with the largest area will be the first in the scoreboard. Everyone’s trying for it. It can be quite fun with friends. It can be played in any environment. dowload


Our aim is to enlarge our space. The bigger the area, the stronger we become. We must be careful when we expand our space. We are not alone in this game. There may be those who want to defeat us. Lets talk about unblocked. base

Blocked Games

This game may be blocked in the school environment. There are simple ways to overcome these obstacles. If you do a unblocked search you will get the opposite sites. You can play through these tactics hack unblock


There are no modes in this game. But there is a slight trick. Press F12 on the game screen. At this point the screen will shrink. You look at your character from a distance. This will make you more successful. Have fun.


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