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An awesome brand new video game

Video games have always been the most interesting part. It becomes an addiction for many. It may happen that sometimes you may feel bore of the daily routines of life. In such a case video games are the only option, which can give you immediate relief. And the game that we discuss here is no different.

About the popular video game is a very popular video game. It is also known as a defense game. There are total nine stats in this game. With this there are endless options and possibilities to build as you reach or touch the higher levels. All in all, this is amongst the awesome .io games indeed.

Mode of playing the game

There is a proper mode of playing the unblocked. The main aim of the game is survival and fight against the enemies. There are total 9 stats in this game. Out of this in order to level the game you will first need to experience bar at the bottom end of the screen. Once the level gets filled up you will reach the next level. In this way the game continues. The game seems to be very interesting and amazing indeed. In this way you have to grasp one level after another to win the game. This is the main aim of the game.

Some controls of the game

There are some controls in play and they must be kept in mind. The game is as simple as anything. You will surely get addicted to it. In order to move the characters you have to take the assistance of the WASD keys and keep on doing the left click respectively. In this way you have to control the entire game. Apparently the game seems to be confusing but within a small span of time you will know the tips to win the game slowly and steadily .It is really wonderful.


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