Agario Likeio GamesPower Up – an overview is amongst the greatest games that have attracted people of all ages. The game has been designed in such a way that makes you to look for the ways that helps you to find a shelter in from the dragons that always look for the fresh bloods. This game in a word’s topping the chartbusters round the globe.


The game play starts with you as the fresh cell to attack the dragons that has eagerly waiting to kill you and have your fresh blood. The time you click the start button the dragons are will going to follow you from that time. It is up to you how you will save yourself from those man-eaters whose power is triple than you and have the routes to follow you at any time. The more the level you raise the more the power of the dragons increases. In the same way you will also get the power to fight it out against many odd pieces by swallowing the small powers at each level of the game.

A view of the game

The unblocked games at first you have to install on any of the electronic gadgets of your choice. After installing it you will get to play the game which is very interesting and always make you conscious of all the disasters that coming your way. At the very first level you have to swallow the small powers that will be provided to you from the game itself. After this level the turn is yours and also the strategy to play the game.

The methods of the game

The method of playing the .io games is very simple. The level you fail to succeed it will start from that level and will provide you three times to cross the level. If you fail to succeed the level then the game will start from the initial level.


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