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Blocker Game

Blocker game – mixture of simplicity and traditionalism

Blocker game is probably one of the best Io style games that are rich in features and style. It is a mixture of simplicity and traditionalism. You can start the game with a choice of classes and team color and each color comes with its own weapon and skill as well. You can choose from 8 classes.

How can you play the game?

As with most of the Io games, you need to hack and slash your way through the enemies and collect coins all along the way in the Blocker game play. You can use these coins in the shops to buy new weapons as well as other items. The shops are not easy to find and you really need to search them well in order to find them. The main aim of the game is to capture and hold the little castles while competing against the other teams as well.

Controls of the game

Blockergame unblocked is really easy to control. Use the WASD keys or the arrow keys to move your character and use

blocker game simple character game
blocker game simple character game

either the left click mouse button or the space bar to use the attacks. This is an awesome game that replicates and it would take you into a Tetris style world as a mass of different shapes. Start off small and slowly collect many different shapes and sizes in order to grow in size and then fight with your enemies. Though all player movements are done through the cursor, you can also drop single blocks in front of you by pressing the W button and rotate your mass by using the D/A.

Destroying other people

Destroy other people by crashing into them and you would slowly grow in shape. The mass, which is biggest in shape, will win the game. Once you have gained a little bit of mass, you can be sure to be more powerful and will slowly destroy people. The game can be played in block game website.

blocker game play and guide simple image
blocker game play and guide simple image


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