Guide & Tips Guide is a new multiplayer Io game that probably is imbibed with the best features. This is a simple game that resembles an RPG game style you can begin the sport with a range of classes.

About the play is one of the best games with no variation. This game was launched in August 26th.2016. It reaches roughly 6600 users and delivers around 14,580 page views each month. The monthly revenue is $42.30. The domain blocker game is located in UK with IP number

How to play the game Unblocked is one of the best games that are probably one of the best features that are rich in the IO game style. You can start the game with different classes and team colors. Each of the classes is imbibed with its own weapon skills. You can choose from 8 classes of games. This team battle arena game has a number of hero classes that you can play in. Each class has a different ability. You can pick up a class and select a team color to fight the other team. There are 4 team colors in the game and the main objective of the game is to capture or hold the outpost and survive from the monsters.

How to destroy other players

You can destroy other players by crashing into them and this will also help you to grow in shape. The biggest shape in the game will win the game. After you have gained a little bit of mass, you would slowly be powerful; and then you can start destroying the other players in the game. This game can be played in the blocker website. Play Io games in your free times for relaxation.


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