io Games blend of Tetris & Agario is the name of a thrilling action game. For checking it out venture online and there is several sites that host it for free. This grand action game has been fashioned by the use of HTML5 know-how for working flawlessly all of the contemporary browsers. This game has gathered quite a large following and has got a great rating from its players.


Blockor io play is an exceptionally pleasurable game of the ever well-liked .io games series. In this game you are in charge of a solitary block. Here you must navigate through a taxing, player inhabited, and multiplayer planet and gather all stray blocks you stumble upon for a likelihood of growing. Consume additional players and amass their blocks for growing at an exponential rate and capture the blocky combat zone while exercising caution. Except for you being at the top, there’s always going to be somebody bigger in size than you. Will you be able to be No.1?

Cool concept of the game

This game is a blend of Tetris & Agario. It is beloved to be the most innovative agario based io game till date. You commence as a solitary diminutive block, in a planet teeming with diminutive blocks. In the event of you touching any of these, they are going to attach to the block of yours and after you’ve formed a square, the blocks of yours will grow up. The cool aspect of this game is that you’re able to develop in whatever shape you feel like.

Game play game play screenshot game play screenshot

In play you collide with the Tetris bricks of additional players for winning! In the game, your ambition is to turn into the greatest cluster of the field. You are free to surpass any lesser-sized sets of pieces. Start lifting up stray blocks for growing, and transforming yourself into a relentless block! Use W for throwing blocks away, and the SPACE bar for accelerating! Use A and D for rotating left and right respectively and use W for shooting with your mouse determining the shooting direction.


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