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Brutal.io Play Online

Brutal.io is a full of fun web browser game from the developer of Wings.io. Players of Brutal.io play online each other from the four corners of the earth. The main goal in the game is quite simple.

Brutal.io play online

Brutal.io Play Online

Control your vehicle and throw your flail attached to the vehicle against other players’ vehicle.


Grab energy from versicolor small things to enlarge your flail, try to destroy your foes by using your flail, then become number 1 and dominate the battle area in this abstract space.

play online game Brutal.io

Don’t forget! If you come into contact with other players’ flail, you will be instantly deleted and you have to start all over again.

game play brutal.io online

How To Play Brutal.io

Brutal.io play online is extremely simple. By clicking mouse button, you can release your flail and by clicking again, you can get it back. Watch out green sentinels, by the way. They steal energy from you if you get in touch with them.

online Brutal.io play

Brutal.io play online has got pure two dimensional graphics. You’ll feel in control of your vehicle and your flail after some time playing. It is fast-paced game, so you always have to stay alert and keep moving.

online game Brutal.io play

Act wisely while playing the game! You can set a snare for your foes, strategies will help you to destroy all your opponents in battle area. Are you brutal enough to conquer the battle arena? If you say yes, join this amazing two dimensional MMO game and play it in real time, with thousands around the world.

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