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Brutal.io - a great game from the architect of Wings.io

Brutal.io is the brainwave of the architect of the Wings.io, the acclaimed .io game and it looks stunning. On account of the success of Wings.io and further .io games, Brutal.io is most likely going to be somewhat a bigger hit within the society. Now the question that many are thinking is whether this is going to be the biggest.

Brutal.io – an Overview

For those who’ve ever played Zlap.io things are going to feel fairly similar in Brutal.io.

A player commences this game in the form of a “car,” even if it has more of an appearance of a computer mouse. At the back of you is a tail and joined to that happens to be a flail. As with a great many of the .io games, the purpose of this game is to merely kill everybody else and achieve the top place on the game leader board. A player has the option of taking the life of other players for gaining points / eating the slight triangular creatures that happen to spawn. Any of such action on the part of a player makes his/her flail grow and make his/her even more dangerous.

The petite creatures appear to have some fundamental AI, as they are not going to mindlessly let you kill them. As an alternative, they are going to keep away from you and this makes the game play even more interesting.

Killing players/creatures

For killing a player / creatures in Brutal.io, you can attempt and place your flail such that it strikes them. This is achievable by moving your car about. The other option, which is more fun, is that you as a player can make an effort to destroy your target using his/her flail by driving in their direction speedily and unfastening it. This is going to send the flail of the player dashing through the world, taking the life of anything it strikes. Oh and no need to be concerned, you have the option of getting the flail back by simply clicking and holding the mouse.


The Brutal.io map is besieged with food dispensers, obstacles, traps, and every means of hazard. The game visuals are also really pleasant. The game has clean and straightforward graphics and it is livelier due to the animations and effects.


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