io Games is an incredibly addictive multiplayer online IO game, is being played by thousands of players all over the world.

In this fantastic game, you have to control a vehicle that has got a circular flail attached by rope. During the game, players try to increase their flail size of the vehicle that they control. game

And by using this flail, players try to destroy each other. At the beginning of the game, size of their flail is really small, but players can enlarge their flail size by collecting crystals that are scattered on battle area. game play

The crystals appear when a player is destroyed. The bigger players were, the bigger crystals that are dropped. play game

Do Not Touch Others’ Flails!

If player comes into contact with other player’s flail, the player is deleted and has to restart.


On the other hand, if player manages to touch other player’s vehicle with his flail, the player destroys him. is fast-paced game, players must always stay alert and keep moving. Players must keep an eye out for the red areas as if they touch them they will be suddenly destroyed.

game play

Moreover, small green triangular things are very important, players can run over them to enlarge their size.

Are you brutal enough to conquer the battle arena of If you are not, you are on a hiding to nothing. play Game Control

  • Use your mouse to move your vehicle
  • Press left mouse button to detach flail
  • Hold left mouse button to attach flail
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