Agario Likeio GamesRacing is the name of a fresh io game and it is basically a mix up between Grand Theft Auto and Here the aim of the players is to take the life of pedestrians for gaining experience and leveling up their respective cars, destroying all of the players of the lower level, and taking over the game’s leader board.

What’s there in

While you are playing unlocked, the car that you own could get damaged, and you’ve got to make certain that you health is above 0 to be able to stay alive.


This is among the .io games online and in this game there’re such a great many number of cars and the key point of all one of these is going gradually higher and turning into some bona fide ogres, like some buses/ trucks / even something larger.

Strategy of the game

A tactic for this game is to slaughter pedestrians even as you continue seeking players of lower level about the map. In case you happen to notice a player of a higher level, it is recommended that you get out of the region at once and steer clear of them the moment you happen to notice them, even if the player in sight is of a lower level. If you’re able to grab hold of a player of a lower level unaccompanied, press on the spacebar / click on the mouse constantly for using the nitro boost as numerous times as likely for trying to get closer to them.

The way of playing the game play involves:

  • Avoiding colliding with buildings, failing which your car’s going to be damaged
  • Killing each and every single pedestrian that comes into view
  • Pressing on space or clicking the mouse for making a nitro velocity boost
  • Crushing of level players by simply driving above them
  • Steering clear of players of higher levels as they can be the cause of your damage or you getting killed


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