Desire Lag Mod for Higher Gameplay

Play with Lag Mod lag mod is one of the fundamental tools that you just need to recognise in the adventure that you revel in lag issues. actually, there are not any any mods which are known as lag mod. this is basically as a result of folks used to enjoy lag throughout the first occasions whilst the game went viral. In those instances, people who play on original servers used to enjoy an excessive amount of lag and that is why they used to prefer to mods that are not populated like the original servers.

In this was once other people could be capable of play recreation during the mods with no need any lag problems. it is nonetheless certainly one of the reliable answers within the experience that you will revel in any more or less downside. in addition to eliminating the lag, those mods also offer you hacks. These are the options which will be only performed on non-public servers however not the original servers. Stay in mind that every one of the hacks offered in mods will be available to these who will play on these servers.


make sure that you disable every other extension and scripts first!

how to install user scripts? Mods User Script


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