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Diep io unblocked Stats of his/her tank

Another characteristic of Diep io unblocked is a vast range of playable classes and they are upgradable at Levels 15, 30, & 45. One commences in the form of a normal Tank having a solitary Cannon that fires a solitary Bullet and commences working his/her way upward from there. After intervals of 15 levels, they could opt for stepping up to the next accessible Tier. This tier is a structure of classes. Tiers, sequentially, are arranged in “class tree.”

Stats in Diep io unblocked

Whenever a person levels up, he/she gains points, which are presentable for upgrading of Diep io unblocked Stats of his/her tank, which boosts up definite characteristics. These stats are listed below:

Health Regen – This lets a player regenerate health speedier

Max Health – This adds to the quantity of health that a player has

Body Damage – This adds to the damage inflicted by body accidents

Bullet velocity – Boosts the ammunition swiftness

Bullet Penetration – Adds to bullet health and consequently its level of penetration

Bullet Damage – adds to the damage inflicted by ammunition

Reload – Adds to one’s velocity of fire

Movement velocity – Adds to the tank’s velocity of movement

Following every single level upward from 2 through to 28 players get an upgrade point for upgrading one of such stats from a menu. Subsequently, every 3 levels between 30 and 45 the player gets an upgrade point.


In Diep io unblocked, besides the foes, the player has the capacity of fighting potent, AI-managed Bosses at intervals of 10-23 minutes when the server’s online. They are going to grant a player much experience for the assailant. For being fair to pristine users, bosses aren’t going to target players beneath level 15 except when provoked. Overall, 5 diverse bosses are present to battle


These are rewards in the .io game of Diep io unblocked. A player is able to get hold of them through the reaching of explicit requirements, displayed on the achievement. Even as a few are tougher compared to others a few are extremely simple. This game has 50 achievements, as of the 4th of March of 2017. The player is able to view all achievements, with the earned ones having a color, by the movement of his/her mouse to the right of the monitor.

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