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The game of is an styled game where you would feel yourself as a blob that is surrounded by all other smaller blobs, which can be picked up and thrown. This game follows the rule of the conventional

All about the dodge ball game

The games follow the rule of the conventional Dodge ball. If the smaller blobs hit you, then you would be out of the game. You would have to hit the smaller blobs and grasp them so that you gradually grow in size. Once you grow in size, you would be powerful enough and you can gradually move your way up into the lederboard. The kills that are secured in your current game are added to the leader board score.

How to play the game play is a game that is played by dodge ball. The balls would bounce off the terrain and walls and if a blob directly hits you you would be out of the game. The only thing that you need to ensure is that balls cannot be caught. If the two balls collide, then they will bounce off each other and players would be given the chance to block all incoming attacks. All the balls are the game are differently colored and you cannot pick up two balls of the same color in a row.

Controls of the game

Your character will be led with the mouse cursor and the left click of the mouse button is used to throw the balls. The unblocked is one of the most exciting games that you can play in your past times. This is a great game for players who love to play io games. Try it this super online multiplayer game.


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