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Duals.io is a survival game where everyone has to play alone. This is an individual game where you need to move around the whole map by using the control keys of WSAD keys and the mouse keys to aim and shoot. This is a fun and exciting game, which is best to play alone.

The controls of the game

The right click mouse button would open up to the shop menu and the mouse wheel can be used to choose your weapon that you prefer in the shop. You can also choose to buy options like guns and armors, weapons, walls and towers, speed boosts as well as zombies! The Zombies will be helpful in attacking other players. You can also choose between a variety of guns that makes the game really fun and exciting to play, including weapons like Bazooka, machine guns twin guns and flame throwers. The Duals.io games also features a chat system and records the highest score of the day on the home page

Playing the game

The Duals.io play is a 2D shooter game that is full of fight, action and adventure. The players would have to face a number of opponents in the game and thus you would not have a chance to relax during the game. The game is full of exciting and new features and is different from all other games. Your goal is to destroy all the boxes that are scattered all around the game field and your opponents would have to do the same. The one who does this first will be the winner in the game. You would also have to shoot your opponents in order to go to the next level. There are various levels in the Duals.io unblocked and the game also has a multiplayer mode.

Earning bonus points and weapons

Duals io weapons are not free in the game and everything needs a price. If you want to buy extra weapons, you would need to earn more money to buy a powerful weapon. You would also get bonus points to kill your opponents and destroying objects.


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