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Hookem.io play – Fresh features, bug fixes, and step-ups

Hookem.io is a speedy death match among the.io games featuring visually tempting graphics. Your plan is “hooking” your foes and eventually defeating them. However, this isn’t as simple as it might sound! You require doing this at the apt time, at the apt site and also with the apt aim for grabbing a living from them.

In the section below we elaborate on the game play of hookem.io unblocked.

Step ups in the game play

Step ups in the game play
Step ups in the game play

Fresh render method that makes the game render just what you can see and not the entire map

In the event of anyone lagging, their accurate site on the game’s demonstrated

Having leached someone you just acquire their XP and not their class points

At present the Chain’s a great deal smoother.

Bug Fixes in the game play

In the event of you having left hookem.io play, everything affixed to your hero, namely name, hook, chat, and more seemed to hang about on top of the map.

Sounds in the game had been appearing on ads

Hints in the game had been superimposed with ads.

Energy items had been emerging outside the chart

Spikes, which have presently been substituted by razor blades, had not been coming into view on left-hand side.

All participants had been moving slower compared to normal

Fresh features of the game play

Fresh features of the game play
Fresh features of the game play

Level up method – lets you advance to till level 5. Fresh abilities are available for just level 2 now. The abilities of additional levels are going to be offered soon.

The spikes lying on the border have been replaced by Razor blades.

On teleporting or digging underground the camera of yours smooth rolls to your fresh location.

Mini-map put in for showing your site on the earth.

The game’s been scaled for every window size currently.

Map’s size increased 8 times.

Incorporation of a fade-In on the finishing of the loading of overlay

Chain splits in the event of you not being within a distance of 1000px from your foe.

Tutorial page has fresh design


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