Agario Likeio GamesPower Up – Controls, Classes and Strategy is the name of a speedy, complimentary, online multiplayer io game in the .io games series. The mission of this game is to hook additional people and pinch their energy! In this game you must make use of the classes that you are able to access for doing cool combo’s and make kill streaks for making your way upward the leader board speedily.

Controls unblocked has some basic controls and they are:

  • Mouse for guiding your character about the chart
  • Left-Click/ Q for aiming and hooking additional players! Clicking again will remove the hook
  • Right-Click / W for creating a barrier of blades capable of cutting people and also blocking hooks on being sufficiently fast
  • E for using the special capability for your class

The role of classes in game play

Red class gets you added reach, and the special ability of a fireball. This is capable of disarming foes for a period of 3 seconds in play.

Green class gets you medium reach and yet you are capable of slicing as a lot of foes you fancy straight away! You get the special capability of digging underground.

Blue class gets you low reach, very fast movement and the special capability of a speed boost.

Purple class offers you just slice. As you’re very tiny it gets tougher to get hooked. The special capability that you get is a teleport.

Strategy for game play

You must have good understanding of the ability of all classes and you must make certain that you’ve an exit tactic in place.  You must try and set up first-rate combos. A great example of such a combo is use of Purple class, teleporting into a mob, changing to Green class and following up by activating your shield (this is going to cut up more than a few people in the identical locale.


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