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Krew.io the most amazing and unique game

Krew.io, if you wish to experience a number of amazing as well as unique games then here is one of them. In fact, krew.io happens to be among the most popular game of the .io games, which has been accepted across the globe. You will have a wonderful experience while playing this game.

Theme of the game

Krew.io unblocked is basically a multiplayer 3D based shooter game. This game is quite popular among kids. The inventors of brains.io and hordes.io invented it. You have to simply shoot on the enemies and moving canons. Your score will increase the more you will hit the enemy’s boat with the help of cannon balls. This is the main theme of the game. It is a good .io game

Process of playing the game

There is simply a process that you must abide by during Krew.io play. You require drawing on the mouse while taking shots. You must draw on the WASD keys even as you shift the canon about the ship and rotate it consequently. Thus by using the mouse and WASD keys you have to play the game.

More information about the game

Some more tips that can be given are that at first you require another ship, which can be attacked. Then start using the WASD keys to move the gun around the ship. Once you are close to the ship of the foe you start bringing the mouse into play so that you can aim the cannon at your disposal and consequently fire at the ship of your foe. If the ship sinks it means that the players are killed. In this way the entire game continues. At some point the game becomes very interesting and adventurous especially when you are busy shooting your enemy’s ship. You will not feel like leaving the game under any situation. The game has really become an addiction for many. People really love this game to play.

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