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Playing the legions.io unblocked game

Legions.io is a free to play arena game that is set in the medieval fantasy world. You can play as a knight, an archer or a maze, and defeat all your enemies using your powerful abilities. You can fight your way to the top of the lederboard and become the king of the board.

All about the game

Legions.io unblocked is a new RPG style game that stands beside Blockergame. This game brings a breath of fresh air to the genre. There are a few RPG styles Io games that are entertaining and simple enough. Legions perfectly combine these aspects and help to create a wonderful world in a cool pixel style art. This is a must play game that is easy to play in the virtual world of medieval fantasy.

How to play the game

You can select from 3 classes of players. The Warrior, the archer and the mage. Each of the classes has their own abilities that can be used with no cost to fight against the enemy team. You can use two abilities initially, but as you gradually progress through the game you’ll unlock your other 2, in order to level up you must successfully land hits/kills on enemy players. All classes are well balanced. You can use a number of different attacks like the melee based attacks. Legions.io play is definitely one of the best Io online games that you must play with your friends and families in your past time.

Controls of the game

Right click to move the io game and use your abilities with Q, W, E and R, left click the mouse button to attack and kill the other players to gain the XP points and level up. Move your character by right clicking somewhere on the floor, use your abilities with the QWER keys.

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