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Even though everybody detests slugs in the splendid IO game called “” they’re multi-colored and have a really nice appearance. Thus, you must now wait any longer and enter the planet of! This game’s has much similarity to different trendy IO game named is a game where a player controls delightful glowing slugs and make them increasingly fat by consuming multicolored orbs, lying across the game map and more players. – overview

This is different from more snake IO games, where the player’s character dies on touching the body of a different player with its head. This is a game where you can generously move through different players and strike them using your head. Fir killing other slugs a player has to accelerate and let his/her foes hit the tinted track that he/she has left behind. Just a player’s boost trail has the capacity of killing further slugs. The tinted track is not going to remain on the game map for a protracted time and thus a player requires acting very speedily and remembering that he/she is going to lose a bit of his/her mass at the time of boosting. The key goal of the game is to develop into the greatest mollusk and reach the top/leading spot on the game leader board. However, a player must never think that the gigantic size is going to make him/her invulnerable as diminutive slugs can kill the large ones easily.

The way of playing

In a player has to navigate his/her mollusk and this is very easy to do. The player has to just use his/her mouse cursor for directing it and make a left click for boosting his/her character and leave a lethal trail behind him/her. In the existing edition of Limaxio, a player is free to choose any of 7 modes, modify the theme and customize his/her slug with diverse skins as well as nicknames.

The game modes

The seven modes are Team, mass, Race, 1vs.1, Kill, Zomb, and Rush. Thus, you have to pick whether you wish playing a speedy game, normal / jointly with your pals as a side.


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