Guide & Tipsio Games game play is very forceful happens to be a somewhat new io game. The game play is going up the ranks amid the flourish of the different .io games that are emerging online. Though all players accustomed to the more peaceful options such as could be in for a forceful time this is a great game.

Similar to a number of key .io games, game play is hyper-aggressive despite its plain looks. Though it features some nice, welcome graphics the character of the game itself is absolutely mean. Players have the option of gibbing you with almost no warning, and if you’re unaware of you’re doing it could appear unjust. How do hitboxes function? How are other players able to kill you sans warning? These are questions that you can find answers to by attempting the game over and over again.

A player does not have to spend a great deal of time for getting accustomed to Limax. However, a player must make much effort and must have a lot of hunger for blood doing well at the game. This is the hunger for the blood of his/her foes, failing which they would feast on the player. game play

Just for clarifying, as the website isn’t completely clear, most frequently what’s mentioned as “boosting” in several other .io games is going to be mentioned as “laying traps” below.
The trail that a player leaves behind him/her on the soil in game play is what this game mention as traps.

Aggression’s king

Different from a number of other .io games, insists that a player be mega-aggressive for succeeding. Your initial small number of runs could be confusing as it looks as if other participants are able to take you out with no thought. It may be as they already know that the sole way of surviving and thriving in this game is to assertively pursue other players.

How is this game different from

While in the tail is the key weapon of a player in game play a player can cause damage only by the laying down of traps.


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