Guide & Tipsio Games play game – A general description play game - A general description play game is best described as a 2 dimensional MMO game that is evocative of an earlier io game named In this game, the player is in charge of a slug, and has got to eat for gaining mass, and snaring the other participants by making them sprint into the train that he/she leaves behind when he/she dashes. play gamean overview play game happens to be one more of the breathtaking io games and it is alike slither. Nevertheless, in place of playing in the form of a snake the player plays in the form of a shimmering worm kind of character and tries taking people out using a trail and not his/her body. The cool aspect of this game that makes it special is the fact that size doesn’t assure that people are more potent. Even the smallest of the participants are capable of taking on the leading scorers of the game by the deployment of strategic play!

The way of playing

In the planet of Limax the players start out in the form of a minute glow worm and consume food orbs that happen to spawn across the game map naturally. They also consume food that other players drop. They consume for gaining mass and becoming a greater sized worm. As a player gains size play game he/she gains score. The ultimate objective of the player is to reach that top place on the game leader board and ensure that other participants are unable mess with his/her worm skills! To be able to take the life of another competitor in this game the boost trail of a player require connecting with their head. The reason is that it is just the trail of a player that is able to kill. This implies that it’s secure to pass through bodies of more players and this leaves scope for some tremendous outplays.


For a player to navigate his/her worm in play game world he/she does not need to do much. The player simply requires using his/her mouse cursor for directing it and using left click for boosting his/her characters pace/leave a lethal trail at the back of him/her.


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