Video Strong Team Giant Snake Hacked? vs. 72227 Snakes Epic Little Big Snake Gameplay!

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  1. Disclaimer nice vid but here is some feedback:
    I think This music is a littleeeeeeee bit too enthusiastic about this. No Offence to that but it does bother me so acknowledge these please if u found this helpful, please reply.

  2. sorry i am french and i use a translator.

    And I just wanted to tell you that your video gives me a crazy property, I spend hours watching you play, your gameplay and just divine, I do not drink no alcohol but all its color and ripple Snake appeases me enormously and I love the music so I'm filling!

    In short, it's huge, GL HV!

  3. Hey Slither, can you help me? I recently lost everything I had on littlebigsnake and now when i try to register it says im already registered even though its a brand new account..

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