A lot of high-quality games are on the market. As a result of such good games, web-based games were supposed to be the last. But it did not. Web-based games continue to be popular.


Now, the game we are introducing is one of these popular games. The name of our game is This game is fun but hard to survive.

game play

What Kind Of Game Is It?

This game is a little different from other io games. The eat habit has completely disappeared in this game. We need to keep our hero alive under different circumstances.

Using the surrounding objects, the level is skipped. The weapon you carry is developed in this way. Your guns are more effective as the weapon develops. play

You can attack directly. Or you can build your own barricade. You can defend yourself. Although is Web based, it is quite fun. game

How To Play?

First, you need to enter the web page. Then select a color and city. Click the ” Enter Game ” button. game play

The game will begin. You can move your character with the ” w, a, s, d ” keys. Collect resources to build a village. Your windmill produces gold. Protect your windmill. Grow and be the strongest. On the scoreboard you can go up to the top row. Our goal in is to survive.

play game

It is our goal to develop and defend very quickly while we are alive. By doing these things you can be more successful. You will have a lot of fun playing this game Good luck.


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