There are many web-based games on the market. The most known of these is the game. It has gained a great popularity at first release. Many similar games have also been on the market.

game Features

Most of these games have become popular. is one of those games. has a different structure.

game play Features Features Features

The common point with other ” io ” games is simple graphics and web-based. This game, played via a web browser, is a lot of fun. Features play

What’s Different?

What you need to eat in this game is not bait. There are apples you need to eat. You must defend yourself well to advance in this game. Features play game

As you develop, your defenses will be stronger. There are many features in the game. The main purpose is to survive. If you survive, you will be strong. Now let’s talk about the features.

play game Features

What Kind Of Things Are There? features are very important. It has many different features. The goal in this game is to survive. First of all, we can talk about the features like making shelter. You can build a shelter by collecting the surrounding products. Thanks to this shelter you will be protected from your enemies. Another feature is that you have many weapons. You should rise level. Your weapons evolve. But you should level.

play Features

You need to collect items to level up. It is also necessary to make shelter. The aim of the game is to collect something before it dies. Top ranking is to go out. There is also the ability to increase lives. You can eat apples during the game. When you eat the apples you gather, you will healty. It is different from other games with features.


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