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Players of moomoo.io play online each other from the four corners of the world. The main goal of moomoo.io game is to gather resources like food, wood, and rocks. These resources are usable for the constructing of objects for stopping other players.

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Moomoo.io Play


game play Moomoo.io

You can put up a base or fort about the reserves you are collecting and this is helpful in blocking while you are reaping goods. For earning points in the game you have to take the life of other players.


Besides, you can put up windmills. You have to defend them and that’s why you have to construct a fort.

Moomoo.io game

To begin with, you spawn into moomoo.io play world with nothing but few tools which you will acquire resources from trees around you such as food and wood.

Moomoo.io Play

Using stone and wood in order to build farm gives an opportunity to defend your base against attackers. You should keep an eye on animals, such as bulls, that will also attack you. By mining and defeating your foes, your age rating raises in moomoo.io play. In every levelling up, you are allowed to acquire new tools. You should use them wisely to attack and defend.

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How To Play Moomoo.io

  • Press W, A, S, D keys to move
  • Use mouse to look around and direct your collecting and attacks

play Moomoo.io

  • Use the numbers 1-9 to select items
  • Press left mouse button to attack enemies, plant structures and mine resources
  • You can eat food when level of your health gets low


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