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How can players earn points in game? is a fun and exciting online game that is famous among a number of players. There are various features of the game that makes the game adventurous and exciting as well. You need to play around with a number of weapons, escape from opposite characters, protect your barrier walls, and gather different kinds of resources as well to build walls. This makes the game interesting to play.

How can players generate points?

Once players play game and they create a strong base for themselves and they have enough resources, they have the option to build a windmill. Windmills generate a number of points over time and they would need to generate a large number of points on the leader board. Players can earn a number of points by killing the opposite players. Ensure that you can run away and hide at a strategic location for defending your fort.

Tips to play the game

Hover on an item in your action bar for more information about the item. You need to collect as many resources as you can before you start building your village. Also stay close to your village at all times so that you can protect your village at all times. It joins a number of online games such as, and other play is a great game with loads of features. The basic idea of the game is to collect woods, rocks and bricks to build objects to block users. Other players can thus be prevented from attacking you while you harvest various kinds of goods.

Earning points in the game

To earn points in the game you can either kill other players or build windmills. Windmills can produce points over time and also can be destroyed by other players. You can protect your windmills with the help of forts that you build. After leveling up, you can collect upgrades. Cookies can help you to level up faster in unblocked


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