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In massively multiplayer online (MMO) game, all players control adorable animals which have different abilities from each other. All players begin the adventure as a little shrimp or a mouse. animals Animals animals game

To transform into stronger and big animals, players have to find out the food and absorb them constantly. Animals in game should drink water regularly. In the opposite case, dehydration causes the death of the game character. The current highest or final animal that evolved is Dragon. animals game play

Three Different Groups Of Animals animals are divided into 3 different groups with specific habitats: Land animals are able to live on land and in water. animals play

But they are slow in water except for crocs, bears, elephants, hippos, and dragons. Ocean animals dwell in the oceans, but can also live in water spots and lakes. Arctic animal have close similarities with land animals except that arctic animals normally dwell in the Arctic. animals play game

58 Animals In

As of this moment, there are fifty-eight kinds of animals. In food chain, stronger animals are able to eat those below them, but there are a few exceptions. The animals lower in food chain can damage or kill animals higher in food chain through use of special abilities.

play game animals

Your game character has got dark green outline while the animals that you can attack have got light green outline.

play animals

Besides, the foes which can absorb you have got a red outline. You cannot eat the players who have got a dark green outline.


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