Black Dragon

In Black Dragon is the animal of the highest level (16th level). Nothing is equivalent to this creature in the game. It comes after Dragon (Land animal), Kraken (Aquatic animal) or Yeti (the Arctic animal) at 10 million XP (experience points).

game Black Dragon

It unlocks the ability of Triple Fireball at 20 million XP. Moreover, it unlocks the ability of High Fly and reaches its maximum size at 40 million XP. The Black Dragon is the only creature that can downgrade in game.

It turns into normal dragon if it declines to 9.9 million XP or lower by a tail bite. Like Dragon, the Black Dragon flies over everything in game map. game

Appearance Of The Black Dragon

The Black Dragon, a black version of normal dragon, has bat-like wings. There are spikes on the black dragon’s back and its tail is like a devil’s tail. game play

In Black Dragon whose eyes and nostrils are shaped in ovals is the first creature to be created to look scary. play

Playing As A Black Dragon

The Black Dragon drinks lava instead of water. In Black Dragon only heals on healing stones and Lava. play game

The Black Dragon should kill normal dragon to level up and keep on burning and biting until it is dead. The Black Dragon should not try to go into the ocean because it cannot dive.

play game

In addition, the volcano is far away from the ocean and the black dragon might have a harder time for healing.


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