It is a sector we work hard on games. Everyone is interested in games. The games always played are beautiful. Web-based games are such games. They do not require installation.

game Bot

They are played with a browser and internet. We will talk about, one of those games. We will also tell you how to bot.

What Is The Main Purpose Of The Game?

The main purpose of the game is to improve. The character evolves as it evolves. You must be careful to enlarge your character. There will be competitors who want to eat you. game

Get rid of them. Your character has special powers. You can use them. This will give convenience. You could be better.

Is The Game Fun?

The game is fun. The game is different from other io games. game play

The continuous development of the character is a big plus. You see more characters on this page. The game is eye catching. The game is enjoyable. Diversity adds beauty. There is competition. This makes the game fun. play

How Are The Controls In The Game?

Play with the help of the mouse. Controls are simple. The right mouse button is used to dive into the water. This is also done with the keyboard ” W ” key. Use mouse movements to direct the character. play game

Should We Make The Game More Fun?

With various tricks this is possible. First, we will cheat through the extensions. You should use the Google Chrome Web Browser. Enter the Google Chrome Web Store. Search for ” bot”. You are installing extension. Now you’re better than everybody. Enter the site.


You play as you please. You can use ” Scratch ” site for bot families. If you search for ” Bot ” this site confront. If you play the game on this site, the bot will work. Have fun.


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