io Game Controls Game Controls, In MMO game, all players’ characters are animal, which eat spawns, berries and other players to grow and remain alive as long as possible. Your character will not only grow in this game, but will also change its appearance and get new abilities.

game play game

At first you get started at the lowest step of the food chain as a water or a land animal (shrimp or mouse). In survival game, you need to drink water to use speed boosts. game play

As long as you eat and drink, you gain experience points, which is needed to transform into different animal. Level up to become a crocodile, a fox or a lion! play

As you evolve, your diet becomes more varied and you acquire more useful abilities. For example, lions can roar, penguins can slip on ice, pigs can slide in mud, and dragons can fly! play game

Enjoy The Evolution!

Eat other players’ characters to stay alive in! This crazy multiplayer online game dares you to evolve a mouse into a dragon. How long will you stay alive in this cute game? In this game, rules and to control the animals are very simple. Let’s start to lead this feeble mouse while he tries to get some food and water in order to grow and evolve.

play game Game Controls

– Use mouse cursor to control your character in game

– Press “w” key to dive or use special ability

play game

– Press “Enter” to start in-game chat

– Press left mouse button to accelerate


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