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Mopeio unblocked is an io MMO that has to do with games, enjoyment, hunting as well as gaining mass. Despite the fact that this game revolves about the kill other and develop theme of the most io games it is distinct in a few ways. In this article we are going to talk about this io game.

Game Play of mopeio unblocked

Players commence mopeio unblocked by picking character name as well as a definite server and get to play the game as a, Mouse. Eating of berries is going to level up at a preliminary state. After that, with the level increasing the participant’s character is going to turn into more potent animal, which include the Rabbit and will be capable of eating other lesser sized animals such as rats, and besides, also turn into bulky animals that include lions, crocodiles, pigs, etc.

At the preliminary stage, berries happen to be universal food items. However, as the character of a player turns into more potent animal, the player can eat more potent foods such as mushroom and also consume other lesser sized animals.

Distinct features of the game

Typically on the different games, eating of foods (gaining points) / killing of other players provides nothing other than level up. However, in the game of mopeio unblocked, the character of a player alters into another potent animal as he/she levels up.

Different from the other games of the io series, Mopeio has distinctive features. Apart from hunting another feature of this game is the requirement for water. The map features a water bar right at the base of the monitor. As this bar happens to run out, players require feeding their character with water. In event of the players unable to do this the character the players die and the players have no other option but to replay this game.


Apart from eating and drinking, players must be on the lookout for further larger animals as they are capable of eating their character. If a player dies in mopeio unblocked he/she gets his/her 50% XP and have the option of restarting again where he/she left off, though with less power. There’re numerous power-ups & features in this io game, which a player is going to get in accordance with the specialty of his/her character’s animal species’.


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