Classicio Games the craziest and amazing online soccer game

With the invention of latest technologies a wide variety of online games emerged. Slowly it became a habit of many people. It is like addiction. Whenever they have leisure time they indulge in playing these games. Among such games is Myball and below we discuss on this game.

Theme of the game: is a very amazing game. It is quite evident that the game is soccer. You have to go through the arena and move all around the map. Then you have to simply kick on the ball so that it enters the net. If it enters the net then you earn points. In this way the game continues. The more you put the ball inside the net the more you earn points.

Popularity of the game

The game of the .io games series has earned a lot of popularity and fame. For playing unblocked you as a player have to use the keyboard to move around the map and aim at kicking the soccer balls into the net. You have to do it very cautiously. The more the balls are within the net the more you earn points and ultimately win the game. On the other hand you have to stop your opponent from scoring points by observing the movements of the ball.

More description about the game play slowly turns to be a very interesting one when you will see that the competition between the players become strong enough. Both are trying to resist each other while reaching the goals. All you need is keyboard through which you can control the entire activity of the players. At the first stage it may seem to be very tough for you but within a short time you will get addicted towards it. You will not feel like leaving it. The game is quite popular and famous among kids.


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