Agario Likeio Games win the game by Farting

Are you in the mood for some spine chilling laughing games that would completely take your wits out of you? is a fun online game where your goal is to eat the maximum number of beans as much as possible and fart hard to destroy all your rivals. This is a multiplayer online game

An introduction to the game

Nicefart .io games is a nice and funny game that you can play in your past time. The game is based in the virtual world of fart land .The term fart itself is a funny and obnoxious term that is related to the game. While starting the game, players would be introduced to small skins and costumes that they can use to dress up. There are a number of cool costumes that you can dress up in. Unblocked

The controls of unblocked are similar to the other multiplayer online games where we can also include the arrow game. The player can move his stinking character with the help of the mouse and in case you are in trouble, you can also use the Q button and run at a faster speed. This will make you faster for a few seconds and will also help to consume your mass. You can also save your life in this way. You can press the W key that can help you to release your fart. The E button will help players to jump and shoot a fire fart. The main purpose of the game is to fart hard and defeat your enemies, eat the beans and grow big in size. A stinky fart can also make you grow in size, but slower

The strategies of the game

The best strategy of play that you would have to use in the game is that be careful and active during the game. You would always have to keep away from the fire fart, as it will make you sick and weak. Do not touch this, as it will make you lose mass as well.

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