Guide & Tipsio Games – an over view can be termed as the trouble-free and cheerful life of a delightful petite fish swimming right through the profound marine with its delightful bloodthirsty little ones. In this very enjoyable multiplayer online Io game you must be on the lookout for food for increasing your quantity of petite fish units that you’re able to send for attacking and killing additional players.

If the play sounds outrageously fun, it really is. Have an enjoyable time with this additional to the listing of the .io games.

About the game unblocked Online happens to be a piranha sport in which you as the player have got to consume to be able to give food to your issue. Raise and add to the number of piranhas for being in charge of the deep. The state of affairs is a horde of flesh feasting fish gulping down each other. There is no need for size to be greater as the player with the greatest amount of skill becomes the winner of

More on the game

In this game you swim in the deep with all the greater sized fish! This is also the multiplayer game where you have no option other than protecting your queen. You are able to give food to hurt fish to do your health up. In the game you also mix up smaller sized creatures for forming the larger ones, and you also have to steer clear of the jellyfish, which is deadly in nature.

Game play

After having started as an unaccompanied and delicate fish you try consuming the foodstuff that glide about and assemble a set of smaller fish for acting as your defense line. Here you attempt keeping off greater fish sets and attempt assembling combatant fishes for taking on the jellyfish for gaining a charming bonus! After you’ve attained a sound dimension try asserting your dominance in the deep.


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