io GamesOcean about play is the name of a fish combat io game. You commence with a solitary queen fish, have fresh fish soldiers, and make your army bigger and triumph over the deep in The way of playing this game is by the use if the left and the right keys of yours and the mouse cursor.


Here you commence as a solitary anglerfish while consuming food to build up a fish mass that’s going to be in charge of the deep! This io game’s straightforward yet amazingly habit forming since it’s a tremendous feeling to overpower a foe’s militia with your personal or undertake a jelly fish that had formerly taken your life in the form of a brand new spawn!


You are able to be in charge of your fish using the mouse in play, with the left click being made use of for launching an attack and the right click being used for making your smaller sized fish merge into greater ones. You ought to remember that having quite a few fish pursuing you must make use of the attack key for controlling them even as you control the fish of yours.

The way of playing

An analogous intention to a number of additional .io games, you commence minute, unaccompanied and fragile to both foe players and also the surroundings and to develop your likelihoods of continued existence your sole hope lies in eating the foodstuff floating about and congregating a militia of smaller fish for defending you. unblocked being the free for all .io game you would be better off making an effort to keep away from greater sets of fish and with numbers winning combats in this planet, commence by building up a diminutive assembly of combatant fish and attempt taking on the jellyfish for earning yourself a charming bonus! Having had built up a squad of a reasonable dimension attempt taking out groups that are lesser sized compared to you for further boosting your score and asserting your supremacy in the deep.

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