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If you are an avid water lover, then the game is one of the most realistic games that you can play while sitting at home. You are a piranha who would have to grow in size and increase in levels as well.
About game unblocked is one of the most amazing underwater games that you can play online. You would be playing as a Piranha and eat the survivors in order to grow in levels and in size. As soon as you achieve the higher levels, your fish will grow in size, however once you reach the next level your size resets. If a fish is in the higher level, but is smaller in size, you can eat up the fish. There are various power ups that are available all around the map that can help you. Play

The concept of the game is really simple. You need to swim around the ocean eating everything that is in sight as long as they are smaller in size compared to you. It is, however, advisable not to swim into bigger fishes. As you increase in levels and eat more food you would grow in size and advance once again. Always remember that you should have a boost with you Game

The movement of the fishes is really fast and steady in the Piranh io games. Your fish responds to the mouse really promptly and swims along with the mouse. You can use the left mouse button to boost your movement speed and space bar to use power ups. The play is a great underwater game that you can play with your friends and your family at the comfort of your home. This is definitely a great multiplayer game that you can play.


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