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Playing is among the recent additions to the list of .io games and here you have to be in charge of a single queen blob that produces a handful of minions by the use of 1. You then divide and come together again with the additional numbers till 4 and your aim’s to develop in size and consume the additional players like you do in while trying to not be gobbled up by those who’re more potent and intelligent.

The simple and modular aspects of this game

Changing the velocity for all levels – As an instance though Witch is speedier than all additional classes, while warriors slower, this can be changed easily.

A player isn’t restricted to send ability and a single queen may well have several skills

All aspects of the game are changeable fleetingly and easily. The aspects include Life / Attack / Skill / Experience / Immortality/ Oib level

You can have 255 diverse classes of queen

You’re able to have 255 diverse forms of units

The game in a nutshell

Be in charge of queen slime and govern the complete locale in the awesome unblocked. Give food to the queen and keep her protected against foes in play. Commence by turning out minute slime units and formulate more potent units while leveling up. For controlling the game play use Mouse for Navigating, Left Mouse Button for Selecting, space for Selecting All, the Right Mouse Button for Moving / Attacking and the 1,2,3 and 4 keys for Spawning Unit, Regrouping. Splitting, and Feeding the Queen and WASD for Moving the Camera.

Game play

As a player you must dictate your individual “queen” slime. The queen’s capable of producing slime units capable of combining themselves for creating a greater unit. All units die following a small number of moments. Shift the queen about the playing map for shirking additional players or hunting them down. Try feeding your queen for leveling up and producing a more dominant army. Fashion an immense militia for putting your name right there on the game’s leader board!


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