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Role of wide variety of coins in online games

Sometimes in a great number of the online games you are likely to notice a number of coins. They are found in different colors as well as shapes. They look amazing within the screens. One such famous game has the name of Below we discuss what this game is all about.

Role of wide variety of coins in online games

Theme of the game

The play seems to be very interesting. All you have to do is to collect the doblons. The more you collect them the more you score. There are three colors of coins and three colors of treasures in this game. The three colors of coin are golden, silver and Bronze. The three types of treasure include ruby, diamond and emerald. It is indeed a good multiplayer game of the .io games series.

Points that one can earn

Regarding points it can be said that a bronze coin gives you 10$, silver coins gives 20$ and golden coin gives 30$. On the other hand Ruby gives 50$, Emerald gives 500$ and Diamond gives 100$. The game seems to be very interesting.

Position of the coins and treasures

Diamonds and rubies always appear on the middle of the unblocked arena as a boss. This is because there is always a boss in each and every game. The emeralds can appear anywhere in the entire game. Its appearance is always highlighted as a round big circle. You have to simply add these coins and treasures and put it inside the ship. Besides this there are various items used to collect the coins and treasures. The game may apparently look like very tough but within a small passage of time you will get addicted towards it. Many during leisure time mainly play the game. In fact latest technologies have really given us a lot of options. You can choose it according to your choice. The different types of online games are really amazing and mind blowing. You will definitely get addicted to this game.


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