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Be the king of the deep in is the name of a recent io game that is basically ship-combat game online that features great and cool 3D graphics. In this game you as a player are the captain of your ship and you are on the lookout for glory and fame. You are out to conquer the deep. Below we see what this game is all about.

About the game

Shipo is the free for all io game that’s ocean based and where you take charge of your personal pirate liner and combat against additional players for gaining gold. play is done right above the waters with more than a few additional players and also AI foes. Though the art style happens to be rather basic it’s in 3D and thus the game is always fine to witness in the genre of .io games and gives a sense of being a mix up between and

Description of the game

In Shipo io unblocked online ship-combat game featuring 3D graphics you’re a speed vessel captain seeking glory & fame. For overcoming the deep, you require getting an adequate amount of treasure for purchasing of cannons and for upgrading your liner. Mines & Cannons are going to be the key warfare arsenal at present. You require safeguarding yourself by the use of their cannons of company ships. Additional enhancements and features are being developed for the game on the basis of feedbacks.

Game Play

Players can attack additional players by shooting their cannons at them and as they get success in landing shots they’re going to achieve health and this gets displayed alongside their names in the form of a minute number. You’re also able to buff this number up by lifting chests/coins. A vital fact to note is that the health bar of yours also plays the part of the XP bar of yours. On this getting filled you’re going to advance to a more potent ship and also get a fresh health bar and become amazingly stronger. For controlling your ship, you must use the mouse and for shooting other ships you have to make a left click.


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