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Rule the air in is the name of a multiplayer jet shooter game that’s going to get you into intense gunfire! You’ll be the pilot of a jet fortified with rocket missiles and thus you can look forward to much action. You should keep a watch on for aircrafts and while you’re being shot at you must pilot skillfully, perform a number of equivocal moves, thump back, and shoot the attackers down.

The setting and more

The happening of this io game occurs in the sky dome. Out there, you are the person in charge of the combat jet. Your duty is to demolish the jets of additional players. This is among the .io games that feature first-rate 3D graphics that bear resemblance to Krew io. Enjoy this game and share with your pals.

Strategy of playing the game

You must always try to keep yourself at the back of additional planes at the time that you’re engaged in a battle with them in unblocked. In case you allow them to get at the back of you, you are going to be exposed to the incoming projectiles shot from behind you. If you’re the jet that’s at the back, you have the option of opening fire at your foe without risking damaging yourself. Adopt this strategy for ruling the skies.

More on the game play

In a rather well made online game that is going on in a vast playing arena, it’s extremely vital that you acquire an adequate amount of score points. In play you must be on the lookout for foe jets that are able to gun you down effortlessly. A great way of getting an upper hand in this game is by hiding its chat feature. The reason behind this is that it occupies approximately 50% of your monitor and is frequently of no use. Use the mouse cursor for guiding your jet, and use the spacebar or make a left click for gunning other pilots down.


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