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Slay.one play are you fond of shooter games, which can be played online? Then try out the new Slay.one where the basic focus of the player would be to use the map coverage to block all other incoming projectiles from hitting you so that you stay alive

What is Slay? One all about?

Slay one unblocked is a super cool multiplayer game where you would have to use a number of weapons all around the map and battle all the other players around you. This is one of the best free online games that can be played by all. You would need to ensure that you are all safe and secured from the other players around you.

What is the strategy of the game?

The main focus of the player in the Slay one play would be to kill the opposite player and stay safe from the projectiles of the other players. You would need to use the map coverage to block all other incoming projectiles from the other players who are there to defeat you. If you feel that someone is chasing you, you can just lead him or her out into the open field and then hide behind the cover and then let others kill your opponent. You would need to start from the bigger corner of the map that is filled with weapons, arms and ammunitions that you can also choose during the game. When you start the Io game, your weapon would have a number of ammunitions but slowly they will finish and you would need to reload them.

Controlling the players in the game

In order to play Slay. One you would have to use the WASD keys in order to move around the map and left click the mouse button in order to shoot. You can also use the scroll switch weapons.


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