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The control schemes for slither game on mobile

It has been seen that a number of players who play the slither game, play the same on a mobile instead of a desktop. As a game not require any kind of high-end hardware, there are many players, who love playing the game while on their way to the office or any other place.

The is a game, which has very easy controls, and with the help of some common apps, the controls can also be remapped without facing any kind of issues. The control scheme for slither game for the browser based version is quite simple, and can be done with the help of a mouse. The same goes for the mobile version, where the user can take the advantage of the on-screen buttons to control the snake.

Using on-screen joystick

In the game of, the player can use the joystick, which is present on the down left corner of the screen, to move the snake. On the other hand, there is also a small button on the right down corner of the screen, which can be used for the purpose to boost the movement of the snake in the forward direction. Thus, the control schemes is very simple for mobile edition. But that is not the end. There is also other ways to control the snake in the .io games.

Using advanced controls

slither game play online and unblocked
slither game play online and unblocked

The user can use the advanced control system for slither game, where the user will have to move the fingers in various directions on the screen to control and move the snake. A long press on the screen will initiate a boost, which will be active for a limited period of time. Thus, you can choose the best among the two control schemes, which are available. There are also a number of other control schemes, which can come with later updates.

Using controller for slither game

If you are a hard-core gamer, you must be having a gaming controller, and with the help of the gaming controller, you can control the snake with the help of the joystick, which is present on the controller. Thus, if you want to play the slither game, you can also play the same with the help of a controller, if you’re not happy with the on-screen controls.


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