The games have great pre-order in the shopping area. Money is spent for the games. There are free games when you spend so much money. One of those games is is a simple game.

game Features

I will tell you about this game. How do you play this game? What are features? Is an installation necessary? We will talk about these issues.


How To Play?

The mouse is required to play this game. You should check your snake with the help of the mouse. Your snake will grow. Try not to touch your enemies with your growing serpent.

You can turn around and escape from attacks. The important thing is to protect yourself. You should protect yourself next to the growth of the serpent. game

What Are The Features Of The Game?

At the beginning of features you have a growing and expanding snake. The only permanent feature of the game is the growing snakes. At first you start very small. game play

Your little snake will grow by eating their bait. Eat all the bait around to grow. Protect yourself from your opponents. On the right side of the screen you will see the scoreboard. You will see a map at the bottom right of the screen. There are also modes of this game. play

You can set these modes from the Google Chrome Web store. With these modes you can provide immortality. You can also try new skin.

What Are The Tips Of The Game?

It is the biggest clue extension of the game. Visit the Google Chrome web store for this extension. We attach an attachment. Enter the game again. New features will be added. You will see features on the left edge of the screen. Let’s talk about these features. play game

You can change the skin. You can switch to boot mode. You can do it all over again every time you die. You can change the skins. You can change your eye shape. You’ll be very eye catcher on this.


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