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Slither io Game Controls for The Computer

The best slither io game strategy

With time the multiplayer games are becoming more and more popular, and one of the most popular multiplayer games is slither io game. The game is a rejuvenated version of the old snake game, which everybody played in their childhood.

In the game of, the player will have to control the snake, in order to consume food items, and kill other players on the arena. But there are also a number of new players, who are joining on a regular basis, and it might be difficult for them to make out the controls meant for the slither io game. The controls are quite simple as far as a PC is concerned, and the controls can also be modified depending upon the choice and requirement of the user.

The default controller

In the slither io game, all the controls will be done with the help of the mouse, and the keyboard is of no use initially. The user will have to move the mouse in various directions in order to control the snake within the arena. On using the left click, the snake will get a boost and move in the forward direction faster than normal. There will be limited boost, and the user cannot use the option for boost for an unlimited time. Thus, the controls of the game is quite easy, and only one hand is necessary to play the complete game.

Using a game controller

If the user do not want to play the game with the help of a mouse, the user can play the game with the help of a gaming controller. With the help of the gaming controller, the user can use the joystick or the game controller to move the snake in various directions, and use any of the other keys to get a boost. The user can always remap the controls with the help of the software or the program, which comes with the game controller.

Using other input devices

Within the game, there is no option to change the settings of the controller from the mouse to the keyboard. But you can also find a number of plug-ins, which can make the process of making the keyboard the default controller, quite easier. You can also choose any other input device in order to control the snake in slither io game.

When you play any kind of game, it requires proper strategy to win. The same goes for the slitherio game, where strategies very important, as there are a number of other players, who are playing the game on the same arena.

The strategy for the game of is quite simple, and you should be very patient, while you play the slither io game game. At the beginning of the game, you might find a number of other players, who is playing the game, and you might feel like killing the other players to get a better score faster. But that is not a good idea, as it can lead to your end in the arena, quite fast. At the beginning, you should first spend some time to grow up to an extent, when you can kill other players.

Finding a safe place

At the beginning, you should try to find a free place within the arena where you can play, and have some food items to grow up. After that, when you grow up, and become thick, you should enter the actual arena, in order to victimize other players, who are on the arena. Following the strategy is the best way to strive on the arena for a long time. You might find a number of corpse on the slither io game arena, but always find a suitable way to eat them.

Feeding on corpse on slither io game

There are a number of users, who always are willing to feed on the corpse such that they can achieve a higher score. But that is completely wrong, as doing that might lead to the death of the player in the arena. Thus, while playing the game the players should be slow but steady. As a player goes big, there comes other ways to boost the score.

Killing enemies

Another great way of boosting the slither io game score is to encircle an enemy or any other small snake on the arena, such that the snake do not have any other option other than colliding with your body and accepted the best death. Thus, there are a number of ways to get high scores, and the more you play the game, you will be able to master the strategies very efficiently.


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