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In game our aim is to eat and grow. Anyone who wants to play this game with a friend knows it. It is necessary to act wisely to grow more.

game Play With Friends Play With Friends

If you are bigger, you can come to important sorting scoreboard. play with friends is important.

play game Play With Friends

Why Is It Important To Play Together?

It is important to play together. It’s always good to have a friend who protects you in the game. There are more advantages to playing as 2 people.

play Play With Friends

Will protect each other. You contribute to the development of each other. You get bigger snakes. You rise in this scoreboard together on this count. These advantages show the importance of playing together. Play With Friends

Now let’s talk about how we can play. We will give important information about play with friends. Play With Friends game

How To Play With Friends?

Your web browser is important to play with friends. First, use the Google Chrome Web browser. Then go to the Google chrome plugin page. Play With Friends play

Do a search here. ”Play with friends mode” will come out against you. Install this mode in your computer. Ask your friend to set it up. Activate the plug-in. Then enter the game. On the bottom right of the screen is the IP address. You are giving this IP number to your friend. Play With Friends play game

Your friend, enter your IP address in the IP field and click on the ” play ” button. After that you are starting to play in the same place. So you are developing better together. You can achieve the first rank in the scoreboard. Good luck.


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