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The producer of the addictive gane Agario, Thomtree Studios created a newly addictive game called Slither.io.

game Slither.io

Slither.io Play

Slither.io play is most downloaded games category not only in Turkey but also all over the world.So, do you wish to know how to play Slither.io?how to slither.io play

How To Play Slither.io

play Slither.io

Firstly, Slither.io can be played on the web,iOS and android. It is look like the classic snake game on our mobile phones.To start the game you need to select and write your user name. In Slither.io play, the aim is to enlarge your snake and try to enter the Top 10 list. You can follow your status from the leader board section upper right of the screen.


Small Snakes Can Eat The Bigger One

Slither.io game

In Slither.io play, in order to eat the big snakes you need to eat the remains of the other snakes and get bigger.The more you eat, the more you are bigger.

Slither.io how to play

When doing this, it is necessary to slither like a snake. The rules of the game are simple but enlarging the snake is a little bit hard. This hardship makes the game more addictive for the players. In this game, if you have a big snake you don’t have to get scared and run away. If you go on without doing something and cut off the road of other snakes, you win. Characterized Snakes In Slither.io play, you can characterized you snake as you wish. There are different color options and different shapes in addition the flag colors of the countries.

Slither.io Play

Besides this, if you sign in Facebook or twitter and share you biggest snake on these platforms, Slither.io gives you different options, too.All over the world, the game has addicted so many people. It is slowly going up toward the top games category differents parts of the world.

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